Bicycles- Your experience will be richer if you have your own bike in Italy. A rider is more comfortable and less likely to make an unpleasant error if he is riding a bike that he knows well. If you plan additional travel, we will be happy to store your bike and cycling gear, or just the bike case, until you are ready to leave Italy.

A hard case will insure that your bike arrives in good condition. Of the many we have seen over the years, we have been most impressed by the TricoSports IronCase. It is extremely well designed and gives no indication on the outside that it contains a bicycle.

Our mechanic, Leopoldo Ceccon, was featured in VeloNews in “Italy’s ‘Best’ bike shop” by Lennard Zinn, April 9, 2001. If your bike is damaged on a ride, Leo will usually be able to repair it and have it ready for you in time for the next morning’s ride.

Rental bikes- Good quality road bikes with aluminum, carbon fiber, or chrome-moly tubing frames, and mountain bikes are available for rent for 25 a day (30 for carbon fiber). Triple or compact cranksets provide low gears for the climbs. To arrange to have a rental bike waiting for you in the bike room when you arrive, contact Patricia at:

To prepare a bike for you, we would like to know your correct age, height, weight, the kind of cycling you do, the distances and speeds you generally ride, what kind of bike you ride at home, and the kind of pedals you use. We can provide standard Look and Look KéO, Time, Shimano SPD road or mountain bike pedals, or standard pedals with toe clips and straps. If you do not use any of these pedals, you must bring your own.

Specifically, we need to know your saddle height (distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the saddle, measured along the center of the seat tube); nose-bar distance (from the nose of the saddle to the center of the handlebar where it joins the stem); and nose-brake hood distance (from the nose of the saddle to the top of the brake hood where you rest your hand).

Give us as much of the requested information as you can, and allow as much time as possible to arrange for the availability of the proper size on your dates. It is especially important to allow plenty of time if you are coming with a group and many bikes will be required for the same period.

When you arrive you will find a bike with your name on it hanging in the bike room. It will be equipped with a pump and a saddlebag with tire levers and a spare tube. Bring your own water bottle, buy a new one for a souvenir, or request a used one with the rental bike. We have helmets available to borrow, however, we cannot guarantee that you will find a helmet that fits you as well as your own. Most of ours seem to be large. Bring an extra inner tube to avoid a trip to a bike store in the event that you have a puncture and need a replacement tube.