New Ride Leaders
Francesco Peruzzo
Vital statistics: age 36, 6' tall, 158 lbs, rides 6,000 miles a year with over a million feet of vertical gain.
A self-described endurance cyclist who loves climbing, Francesco was born and bred in Bassano del Grappa and knows the roads in this area like the creases in his cycling gloves. He's climbed Mt. Grappa from every which-way and will take willing and able campers to: Passo Manghen, Passo Brocon, Mt. Cesen, Caldonazzo and the Menador climb, the infamous Barricata, Verenetta, Passo Vezzena, Croce d'Aune, Canal San Bovo, and other places you’ve never been before.
Paola Scremin
A mountain biking "appassionata" with plenty of "grinta" (grit) behind that friendly smile and gentle manner, Paola enjoys sharing her love for cycling and the environment with her riding companions. In her words: “Borso del Grappa is a great starting point for beautiful rides in an area that is rich in history, art and nature. The courses can be either hilly or flat, such as along a river, through picturesque towns and countryside, far from all the noise. We can even spend a day riding the mountain trails with a stop at a retreat to taste the locally produced traditional foods.”