Paragliding in the Veneto
Our area at the base of Monte Grappa, besides affording marvelous cycling, is also one of the best places in Europe for paragliding. Every weekend during the long season there is an influx of Northern European paraglider pilots who cross the Alps to enjoy the longer season and reliable updrafts available here where the Venetian Plain meets the Pre-Alps. Increasing numbers of our riders have been curious about this sport and have ventured to take an afternoon tandem flight.

The people who offer the tandem flight say that almost anyone can take a tandem flight. You have to be able to jog a short distance during the takeoff, but no particular physical skills are needed. You need only to be in good health and to muster up a bit of courage. If you weigh over 220 lbs you must tell them when you make a reservation. Children who weigh at least 55 lbs are also eligible to fly.

We will help you make reservations for a tandem flight and arrange for you to get to the site 2.6 km from our hotel. It is advisable to reserve a week in advance for weekend flights, and a day in advance for flights during the week. Included with the flight are transportation up the mountain to the takeoff site, photographs, a videotape, and a T-shirt testifying that¬† “Anch’io ho volato” (I have flown too).

Watch the video of one of these tandem flights.