Switchback on the Gran Fondo Pinarello        

Our rides are loops through the surrounding countryside that follow a different route every day. From our location at the foot of the Venetian Pre-Alps, we can cycle through valleys and mountains to the north, rolling foothills to the east and west, and flat farmland to the south. To accommodate different fitness levels and interests, we offer a number of daily rides that vary in pace, distance, and degree of difficulty. Rather than providing cue sheets, qualified ride leaders, with years of experience living and cycling in the area, accompany each group. The rides leave at 8 a.m. and return for a leisurely lunch between one o’clock and one thirty. On occasional extended rides, we stop for lunch on the road. Afternoons are free for a nap and independent activity. Rest days are not compulsory, but are highly recommended to aid recovery from daily cycling. Spending a day in Venice is a popular rest day activity.
The touring rides are for proficient cyclists who ride at a leisurely pace and want to enjoy the visual delights that make Italy so special. These rides range from 30 to 60 miles over varied terrain. We cycle through landscapes of great scenic beauty, pausing to enjoy and photograph the scenery, and stopping for ice cream or coffee when desired. We tour walled medieval cities, hill towns, castles, Venetian villas and other architectural masterpieces. We visit open-air markets, antique fairs, and museums and churches to see great paintings and sculpture.
The fitness rides are for cyclists who prefer demanding rides, the challenge of the mountains, and the competitiveness and camaraderie of compatible riders. We are often joined by local cyclists on these rides. A rides cover 50 to 100 miles at a training pace. B rides are 40 to 60 miles at a more moderate pace, with time allowed for the appreciation of the art and beauty that surround us. Read Len Colamarino's description of some of the most popular rides.

Introducing out new ride leaders: Francesco Peruzo and Paola Scremin

Other rides and events include a ride to an archeological site from the Roman city of Feltria; a ride to a stage of the Giro d'Italia (see photo from 2009 taken nearby) when it passes through our area in late May, and a clothing factory ride to buy the latest cycling clothing at extremely low prices. (Note: factories are closed during most of August.)

Granfondo rides, are long-distance endurance events that include difficult climbing. Those in which we can participate are: the Sportful Dolomiti Race in mid-June, with routes of 134 km and 204 km with 5300 m of vertical gain; and the Granfondo Pinarello in mid-July, with new routes of 101 km, and 151 km. The Monte Grappa Bike Day on May 30, is a well organized ride to the summit of Monte Grappa with all the roads closed to motor vehicles. Registration is optional and there is no fee or medical certificate required to participate.

Go to the web sites for entry forms, a map of the routes, a description of the routes in English, and much interesting information about the events. Email us at info@italiancycling.com for a medical certificate form for your doctor to fill out if you plan to do a ride that requires a medical certificate.

Sign up online, well in advance, for the Sportful and Pinarello rides. In order to participate, you will need either a racing license or a letter from your doctor saying that you are fit to do these events. Arrive a few days before the event to get acclimated to riding in our area. We will arrange for transportation to the rides.

Our mechanic, Leopoldo Ceccon, was featured in VeloNews in “Italy’s ‘Best’ bike shop” by Lennard Zinn, April 9, 2001. If your bike is damaged on a ride, Leo will usually be able to repair it and have it ready for the next morning’s ride.

Our masseuse, Ana Perocco, has had twenty years of experience kneading bodies in Rumanian spas. She will provide an hour of restoration and delight for weary muscles for

Safety on the rides is our greatest concern. You must be a proficient and safe cyclist to participate.

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